Covert Cyber Ops is a professional organization specializing in Deep Cyber Reconnaissance, Threat Intelligence Analysis, and Digital Forensic Investigation. 

Our team of highly trained and experienced professionals can identify and track threats to your network and your organization.  In addition to a comprehensive background screening process, professional associates are required to have at least five years of related experience and a Bachelor of Science degree with an emphasis in Anthropology, Sociology, Law Enforcement, Military Science, Information Technology, Telecommunications, or Computer Science.  Senior associates are required to have at least 10 years of related experience and a Master of Science degree with a strong emphasis on Information Security and Assurance, or a Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree. 

All associates are required to earn and maintain Information Technology related certifications issued by (ISC)2, Cisco, Microsoft, Novell, EC-Council, GIAC, CWNP, CIW, CompTIA and other industry recognized organizations. 

Contract services are strictly confidential.

Our Mission and Methodology

We live in a a rapidly changing, globalized economy.  The Internet is increasingly used as a primary attack vector by rogue hackers, organized crime syndicates, and terrorist organizations.  High profile individuals, businesses, and government entities are at significant risk of attack with potentially catastrophic results.  

In the context of malicious cyber activity...  What you don't know can hurt you. 

Director of National Intelligence, Dennis Blair, provided the following assessment to the U.S. Congress on January 10, 2010:

"The United States is at risk of a crippling cyber attack that could "wreak havoc" on the country because the technological balance makes it much easier to launch a cyber strike than defend against it...  

        What we don't quite understand as seriously as we should is the extent of malicious cyberactivity that grows, that is growing now at unprecedented rates, and with extraordinary sophistication" 

Covert Cyber Ops employs sophisticated techniques and technologies to gather relevant and actionable intelligence within legal constraints and internationally recognized agreements.  Covert Cyber Ops provides comprehensive threat assessment and analysis, with strategic consultation and advisement.  Real-time offensive and defensive notification is provided before, during, and after an attack event.  Covert Cyber Ops enables the client to secure sensitive data and assets, while revealing potential and actual attack vectors and methodologies.  

The information provided by Covert Cyber Ops is actionable and can be used to prosecute a legal retaliatory strategy against attackers, including the implementation of effective asset defense and risk mitigation strategies.